The Crybaby Club is many things...

but one of the best (in my opinion) is a creative collective. When The Club first began, it was through you sharing our instagram and tagging people in our posts, etc that helped us grow, and I have never forgotten that and never will! Now, we have a huge following worldwide, and I want to use my platform to help showcase you! I am all about paying it forward, so here is the latest creative collaborative opportunity...



Pocket mirrors are my latest obsession and i have at least 5 scattered around my life, just in case. They are cute, easy to make, and convenient for artists of all kinds to showcase their work. I want to showcase yours! 


This project is open to anyone and everyone. If you have an idea, I want to see it. There is no deadline, no stipulations, no entry fee. You retain all of the rights to your design, and if chosen, it will be sold in our shop as a limited edition piece and you will be listed on the site as one of the brands/artists we work with. 

How fun right? 

I will also send you some complimentary mirrors with your design to enjoy as you please. 


To participate
send questions or artwork to:
subject line The Mirror Project.