Shipping & Returns

Returns Policy

I am the definition of a small business. I am a one woman show.
I pack orders on my floor (sometimes my kids help). 

With that in mind, I am usually pretty understanding,
helpful and responsive when it comes to returns.
I will say that the cut off to return an item is 30 days after receiving it.
Any items damaged during transit I will usually replace as well.
I take many measures to ensure safe arrival of all of my products,
but once the package leaves me it is literally and figuratively out of my hands.
But I  insure all packages AND I want you to be happy.
If you are not happy, please email me with your order number
and details about the product you would like to return.
I will respond ASAP and we will get this sorted. :) 


There are many moving parts when it comes to shipping but let me break it down as best I can...

As a one person operation, I usually try to take one day per week to pack and ship orders
(during peak seasons with higher order volume, I will adjust my schedule)
Typically, I print, prep and pack orders on Sundays to be shipped out the next day. 

Some exceptions may occur.

For instance, apparel, mugs and some prints are all made to order,
so these items take a little bit longer to process and ship out.
They also ship separately from other items like enamel pins, patches and stickers
(which I try to keep fully stock at my house).
For example, let's say you order 2 pins, a patch and an "It'll Be Fine" dad cap.
The pins and patch will ship together directly from me
and the hat will ship on its own. 

Other exceptions can be more unpredictable.

Like I said, I operate solely, so if my children get sick,
if I get sick, if I need a mental health day,
if there is a glitch in the website, if the USPS website is down,
if a meteor hits the earth (you get where I am going with this)
then I may not be able to ship out as efficiently as I would like.
I try my best to process and ship every order with a fast turn around within 10 business days,
however, some times things happen that can't be helped,
so please keep this in mind and
allow up to 4 weeks for some orders to arrive. 


I appreciate all of you so much, your support means the world to me,
so I work hard to ensure a positive customer experience. 
Please reach out if you feel your needs aren't met,
if you have a question about your order, or if you just wanna say hey. 
Thank you always, CB would not exist without you.