What is The Crybaby Club? How did it start? 

It is actually a pretty cool story. Let me tell you everything

Who are you?
Who is behind the scenes at CB?
Who am I supporting?

Short answer: "that would all be me,  Natalie Meagan. 
Your purchases support me and my little family."
But since you asked, here is the long answer too!

Where are you located? Do you have a retail space? 

CB is based out of Memphis, Tennessee and no, I will probably never have a retail space.
That being said, I am compiling a list of vendors across the globe that carry CB
so that if you'd like to see and purchase CB products in person, I can help with that.
Locally, you can see my work in City & State, Muddy's Bake Shop and Crazy/Beautiful 


Where is my package? 

Ok y'all, real talk time. Y'all have got to stop sending messages to my personal accounts about this! 
I love you guys, but boundaries are important so please respect mine and send all business related questions 
to either my email address or messages via the facebook business page
ALSO I went ahead and answered a bunch about the shipping process in its own post, so check it out


Do you take wholesale orders?

A resounding YES! 
Click here to view our linesheet and send me an email to place an order!


Do you have local meet ups? When is the next one? 

We have had meet ups in the past and I adored the experience
and I think other folks did too because I get this question a lot about when the next one will be.
The answer is "I'm not sure."
It is a lot to plan, find a date that is good for all the busy crybabies, find a space, organize, etc.
and we have discussed how I am a one woman show right? Yeah so, it is hard. 
It is my hope and one of my goals for 2019 to have more meet ups scheduled.
To keep informed I suggest signing up for email updates and following us on IG and FB. 


What happened with The Crybaby Subscription boxes,
the Pi-NOPE-le enamel pin, and other items
that I haven't seen in the shop for a while? 

This has many answers depending on the item and circumstance so here we go.
Items like The "Everything Sucks but Its Fine" glass mug were a bulk order, limited run, so once they sold out, they're gone.
Things like the Pi-NOPE-le enamel pin simply did not sell as well as expected, so it came and went.
The subscription boxes needed their own post and now they have it! 
Items like the Soft cloud patch or the Menstrual Cup enamel pin were limited run items
designed by other artists & featured in the shop for a time before ultimately migrating back to where they belong.
If you ever want something you don't see you can always email . I can help you out! 


Can we be friends?

What is this crazy talk, OF COURSE WE CAN, I feel like we already are.
Email me anytime. 


How can I get involved? 
What can I do to support CB?

There are SO many ways you can share and connect with CB and usually
it all starts with a conversation so never hesitate to email. 

-we have a private Facebook Group where people from all over
connect, share their stories, their struggles, send happy mail out, etc.

-we are always looking for writers/contributors for our blog

-tell your friends, purchase from our shop, tag us in your CB pics,
donate to our crowdfunding campaign, like, share and repost,
contribute to my Patreon, review products you've purchased. 
Every little bit helps and I thank you immensely.